Agarbatti (also known as Incense Sticks) is derived from Sanskrit word Agaravarthi, (gara = odor, agar = aroma, varthi = wound).It is made from Bamboo sticks, Charcoal, Jiggit etc., and a fragrance that is applied to it as required. Other main forms of incense are Dhoopbatti (extruded incense lacking a core bamboo stick), DhoopCones (incense paste formed into pyramid shapes and then dried) & Saambraani (logs and Benzoin resin).

It has some psychological benefits. The aroma of the incense stick has healing power that has a soothing effect on the mind. The calming effect relaxes the mind and helps in performing rituals with better concentration. Prayer offered with a calm mind acts like a meditation process. It also has its own spiritual significance. The incense stick burns itself completely into ashes and yet fills the air with a pleasant smell. This ritual basically denotes human virtue of sacrificing oneself for society. Yoga Incense sticks also used as air fresheners for home. As it releases smoke, it also acts as organic disinfectants that drive away insects.