Inner peace and serenity are qualities that are valuable to each and every one of us. At Mantaram, we have set ourselves the task of offering high-quality accessories for yoga and meditation. Our products not only look beautiful, but also are made under fair production conditions. If you are still looking for visually appealing and at the same time functional yoga accessories that you can use with a clear conscience, you’ve come to the right place! Our products are of high quality from our own production with the highest ecological standards to support and inspire your yoga practice.

What We Offer?


Production of products, from the raw material to the completed end product, passing all steps of supply chain.


Quality Assurnce is checked on several steps throughout the whole production process to guarantee a high quality product.


Logistics team oversees the supply chain to ensure a smooth process flow and
on time delivery schedules.


Manufactured with eco friendly materials and under fair working conditions.