Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolster is a firm cushion that makes the practice of yoga more comfortable. It can be especially useful to people with injuries or women who are pregnant and suffer from lower back pain. It relieves excessive tension and gives the body a chance to adapt to new and especially challenging poses.  A flat, square or round bolster works well for meditation  It Prop up the body and allow practitioners to get into otherwise unobtainable poses. In doing so, bolsters help anyone who needs them to reap all of the mind/body/spirit benefits that each and every asana possesses. Yoga bolsters, like other yoga props, help take the strain off your body as you ease from pose to pose. This puts less strain on your body and makes the process more fluid and restful. . People who aren’t as supple and limber as seasoned yogis may find the poses too challenging. Yet rather than give up, they should look into yoga bolsters for support.  A yoga bolster can make relaxing at home more pleasant, too; just slide one under your body when you’re lying down reading or watching TV.